Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Makeover!! Makeover!!

Today I decided to do a makeover to my blog entirely, but first and foremost  the blog title.  Sambal Pecal Manisan Kabung is rather too long for a blog title, and it wasn’t catchy at all, right!!
So, I was pressing my thought, pulling ideas what’s the suitable name to replace it!  Came out with several: “Amimarz in d’house”, “Journal Amimarz”, “Story Morry Amimarz” and “Amimarz Sana Sini Sinun”.
I was thinking, Journal Amimarz is rather general,  or “Skema punya tajuk”..hehehe.  Amimarz Sana Sini Sinun  @ Amimarz Everywhere is more casual (but the Malay version is more catchy kan..)
So then, it was decided that Amimarz Sana Sini Sinun won  the vote... 1 vote only – that me, alone.. hahahaha.... And the tagline Nobody, Nobody like ME!!! – because the Buchuks  love this song like mad, they will sing and dance when they hear this song!! J ( I changed the word for you to me – because this blog is story about ME, not YOU..hahahah) 

Amimarzsays :  more coming in the makeover!!!


Mas said...

nice tagline! hehehe...

amimarz said...

@ Mas : tenkiu x2!!!

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