Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love is made from HEAVEN!!!

Allo there!!!

A frenz called yesterday, but wasn’t able to entertained her.  During the lunch hour today, I managed to return her call.

Wallah!!! Just like what I had in mind – it’s the same old story about her BF.  Again giving her a hard time!  Not for second or third time… but countless time.  As long as I remember, when I first met this girl in 2008, she & her BF already had this issue.  BF said he wanted to marry the girl, but no action has been taken.  Dragging from time to time.  Making it worst, came the third person. Fight here, fight there…. Make promises, then broken it, again… and again….

I felt sorry for her.  Then I remember my earlier entry about LOVE.  How love make your day cheerful & blissful.. but some people just don’t have the chance to feel that way.  Maybe at first, it makes your heart bloom, but it does not last for long.  The longer you hold to it, the bitter you feel in your heart!!!  Losing him makes you feels like it’s end of the world, but continue loving him makes your life miserable…  This is BIG TIME problems to deal with, don’t know which to choose.

I believe, LOVE should make you happy… LOVE is sharing the good and bad time together, LOVE is scratching each other’s back, LOVE is taking care of each other, LOVE is when you can feel his existing, even if he is not around.  LOVE is trust.  LOVE is tears of joyful. LOVE is giving and receiving, each other…. The definition of LOVE is universal!  There is no right or wrong answer about it.  No one in this world, would have the same feeling and experience about LOVE.  BUT, whatever it’s means to you, don’t let the LOVE kills you. Don’t be a slave to your LOVE.  Do not loose your dignity because of LOVE.  Because LOVE is pure and blessing, and it’s made from HEAVEN!

I believe, when a man says he LOVES you, he will run to you, protect you, and marry you with honour. 

Amimarzsays : Solat Istiqharah -  May Allah show you the right path to choose… InsyaAllah.


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