Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This has happened to me many many times... suddenly, some one just bumped into you & say hi & the conversations does not end there..its continue from one topic to another topic, topics rather personal like, “masih keje tempat lama ke?”, “anak da berapa”, “ada jumpa ke kawan kita sipulan sipulan”..while the questions keep coming from her mount, your mind start tracing, very2 deep & dig, dig and dig..but still no memories found of who is this fellow??? My god!!! How come she knows about me so much & I have no ideas who she is? Tolong2!!! And I don’t know what is the best way to ask questions like what’s your name ya? Where have we met before?  Things like that...perhaps in my mind I don’t want to belittled her by telling her, sorry, I have no idea of who you are Cik Kak.. I think it’s kind of rude!!! Don’t you think so?  I don’t know!!! Really, in this kind of situation, I really don’t know what’s the best way to act...

And at the same time, I would blame myself.  Why am I so forgetful??? Is it because of the fish head that I sooo damn like to eat or it’s because when I breath, less oxygen coming into my brain??? Or it is because of too many “urat putus” while giving birth to my 2 Buchuks or what????

When thinks like this happen, I’ll pray hard that she will go off quickly.. or I’ll try to cut short the conversation... “okay la, see u again, need to catch up the train” or “I need to buy something now” or anything....and pray hard that I’ll never meet her again, not atleast until I know who she is..ngeeeeee

In the cyber world, things like this also happening to me!!! Recently, I received an invitation in my FB.  The same case like above, her intro posted in my PM box “ni MJ yang duduk kat Kg Sawah NS tu ke?, Kalau ya, saya nak carik kawan2 lama” (note : my picture profile is greeny wood). This is definitely me, bcoz the chances of having 2 MJs in Kg Sawah is not likely going to happen – some more., my name is kind of like unique too... very2 rare I found a name same like me..hehehehe.  So, I’m preety sure she was refering to me...

Since we are not actually facing each other, so I brave myself asked her “ya, sape ni?”

Then she reply “Saya so & so, dari ..............., ingat tak?” 

Still hasn’t rang any bell “Maaf la, sy tak ingat.  Kita kenal kat mana ya?”

Kita kenal melalui ZR.......”  No, no, no!!!...the more clues she gave, the more clueless I became....

After 3 messages back to back, her last sentence that makes me think as for now, my act of “pura2 kenal” is the best way to avoid embarrassment to either me or the other party, which is “kalu tak ingat takpe, add je la” Dush! Dush! Dushhhhhhhh!!!!

Amimars says : loteh nak mikir an..sampai la ni tak ingat! huhuhu


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