Monday, May 23, 2011

Daddy wants A - She Gave Him A!!!

SYUKUR!! SYUKUR!! SYUKUR!! & EXCITED!!  & PROUD!!  That is exactly apa yang patut aku rasakan.  Wanna know why???

Today is the first time ever, Yaya sitting for a formal examination.  Although it is only a pre-school examination, but my standing is an exam is still an exam!!! - A test is a test, standard justification to a specified group of people.  It may not like sitting for UPSR, but she put the efford to answer all the questions.

This evening, my brother  Alang called Mr Hubby, Yaya wanna talked to him.  Then the little voice said,  "Abah, Kakak DAPAT A - 100 markah untuk Matematik.  Abah suka tak?" Adui SAYANG, sape pun misti SUKA kalau anak dia bagitau dapat SCORE A dalam apa jua pun.  Then Mr Hubby immediately informed me the GOOD news.. and I smiled all the way back home.  For English, she scored 98..  not bad kan.

The thing is, yesterday when we sent both Buchuks to Kampung, Mr Hubby told Yaya, "Kakak, esok jawab exam betul2.  Abah nak A!  Abah tak nak B, tak nak C.  Abah nak A aja.  Boleh tak?"  And today, she made it!!!  Cabaran disahut, janji dikota.  That's my girl!

Don't wanna say much, but baby you make me proud of you!!!  Keep up the good work.


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