Thursday, August 11, 2011

What makes you HAPPY!!

What makes her HAPPY?
What makes him HAPPY?
What makes them HAPPY?
What makes ME HAPPY????

Simple question, but very hard to answer... at this point of time, everything seems to be clueless to me...

And I don't even know what to say... or find the right words to EXPRESS what's in my mind, my head and my HEART!!!

For months, I keep it to myself, and will continue to do so...
For months, I being crying alone...
For months, I felt missed... very much
For months, I am lost...

If ever I can go back to that time,
If ever I can escape for now,
If ever I can voice it up,
If ever I can collect the missing pieces of my life,
If ever I can laugh again,
If ever I can give up,
If ever..........

My WISH, you would see inside me
My WISH, you would listen without me saying it 
My WISH, all the promises being kept
My WISH, not to cry alone anymore
My WISH, to find myself again
My WISH, be with you forever
My WISH, to keep my sane

Not that I am selfish
Nor ungrateful
but didn't I deserved a better life
atleast, give my smile back to me

What makes me HAPPY?
What makes me LAUGH?
What makes me CRY?
What makes me STRONG?
What makes me HOPELESS?
What makes me DREAM?

What are YOU to ME.... EVERYTHING!!!!


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